13/02/2014: PH Tourism Registers 9.56% Growth, Tourism Receipts Up By 15.1%

NEWS RELEASE | 13 February 2014

The Philippines welcomed a total of 4,681,307 foreign visitors in 2013, surpassing the 4,272,811 arrivals recorded in 2012 by 9.56%. This performance marked a new milestone for the tourism industry as visitor arrivals demonstrated sustained growth despite the challenges of the previous year.

“Our key source markets generally performed well during the month of December, proof that international confidence has been regained. The Philippines is profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support, aid, and goodwill from all over the world. They were all instrumental in our road to recovery," Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr. said.

Koreans remain the biggest source market with a 24.9% share in the total inbound visitors or equal to 1.17 million arrivals. Following at second place is the United States of America (USA) with 674,564 arrivals for a share of 14.4%. By regional grouping, East Asia contributed the biggest arrivals for a share of 49.1% with 2,298,597. The region posted a double-digit gain of 12.73% vis-à-vis its previous year’s contribution of 2,038,987. The ASEAN region maintained its position as the third largest contributor of arrivals, accounting for 9.02% of the overall traffic base.

Total revenues gained from inbound visitors for the year was up by 15.1% and estimated to be at US$4.40 billion (or Php 186.15 billion). Overall average length of stay of visitors remained at 9.6 nights. Visitors from the USA had the longest stay at 13.4 nights. Average daily expenditure of inbound tourists also increased by 8.7% to US$101.12.

"We foresee better opportunities for growth this year as we continue to roll-out programs under the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP). We also hope to engage more Filipinos in appreciating the value of tourism in the country’s inclusive growth agenda and encourage them to take an active role in growing the industry by being better hosts to both local and foreign tourists,” the tourism chief said.

Secretary Jimenez added, “Our main cities will also play host to a great number of international conferences and events, which include the 5th World Ecotourism Conference in Cebu this February and WEF East Asia Summit in May. More importantly, this year exerts extra pressure on our government, industry, and civil society to prepare for Visit the Philippines Year (VPY) 2015, which will feature a calendar of events and an exciting mix of activities inviting all to come and partake of the more fun promise in the Philippines.”